As part of our immigration service under our EB-3 program, we understand that hiring and maintaining a lesser or unskilled labor workforce is a major pain point for service oriented companies in the United States and that your revenues depend largely on the deployment and dependency of your workforce.

We have leveraged our experience to create a workforce solution service aimed at helping local businesses like yours and their HR teams become more efficient in hiring and retaining unskilled workers. We do this at very minimal cost to you and even that cost is entirely dependent on successful placements. AII Law will handle the entire process for you, from sourcing of the workers abroad to landing them in the US with a green card. You have no responsibilities for flights, housing or anything. These people will arrive as any American worker would. These workers will be driven and loyal workers to your business.

We believe you will be surprised at the quality of people who will come to your workplace. The future of the workers (and their families) depends fully on doing a good job for you. We work with many US-based businesses of varying sizes (20 to +20,000 employees) and once they get going, they really are glad to have made the decision to try this out. This would be a game changer for your company, we look forward to working with you.